About Us

Here at The Naked Lunchbox we are passionate about serving delicious and healthy meals sustainably.

Every meal is nutritionally designed by our chefs and conveniently delivered to you. We want to help you feel your best self by serving you with all-natural, nutritious and delicious meals free from artificial additives, flavourings, MSG and refined sugar. We pay attention to every ingredient that goes into each meal, and we don't add any more or any less than what is necessary for optimal nutrition.

Our team works hard to create new and interesting recipes that fit our vision of making healthy eating enjoyable, accessible and convenient. The recipes are inspired by our travels around the world which are recreated by our team of talented chefs and then tweaked to fit our standards of clean eating.

Not only are we dedicated to serving you the best meals, we believe in doing so sustainably. Everything we consume has a direct impact on our planet. When you make the choice to eat our meals, you are also choosing to reduce your environmental footprint. We are proud that our kitchen creates near zero food waste and we try our best to only use recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Eating Naked isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle that helps you eat better, feel better, move better and consequently look better and live longer. We are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you are training for a competition or just leading a busy active lifestyle, leave the cooking to us so you can live the best life that you possibly can -- guilt free.


Brian & Honey