Why choose Naked?

Unlike many other lunchbox options out there, we truly care about what goes into our meals.

[ 1 ] We make all our dressings from scratch.

Most often than not, salad dressings are usually the worse part of the salad. It will make a clean meal dirty again. Most bottled dressings, ready-made or manufactured dressings contain artificial preservatives and food additives to make it last long or enhance it's flavour. It's much more practical for restaurants and cafes to use this but practical is not what we are going for. We care about your health.

Food Additives in Brand-X Dressing: E150c, E211, E631, E627, E415, E262, E150c, E385

[ 2 ] We have Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free & Dairy Free options.

We design lunchboxes to suit different dietary needs. Look out for our (v) symbol for vegan meals, at raw or paleo as stated. 
*Our vegan meals do not include honey

[ 3 ] We use olive oil.

We try to choose the best option of healthy fats available to us - olive oil. Consuming consistently higher-than-average amounts of the wrong type of fats can lead to an increase in rates for heart disease which is Malaysia's top cause of death. Read more about it in our references below.

[ 4 ] We use sea salt.

Again, we pick the best option of seasonings available to us. Sea salt is a much more natural source of salt compared to the common table salt which can cause cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, as well as kidney and gallbladder stones.

[ 5 ] We use natural honey (for non-vegan options).

Honey is the best sweetener option there is as opposed to table sugar. According to an article published by the university of Arizona, the enzymes in the stomach cannot break down the glucose-fructose structure of table sugar until it reaches the small intestine and the independent fructose while the glucose in honey are directly absorbed by our bodies and are easier to digest.


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